All work and no “playground to play” making city kids dull

Children nowadays camp themselves in front of TVs, video games  and computers mostly because their locality or housing complex has no outdoor playgrounds. With rampant urbanization, new buildings are coming up, parks & playgrounds are shrinking & vanishing. Most of the parks or playgrounds are in shambles & sheer neglect, some encroached while some abandoned,. All in all there is a space crunch for children to play outdoors.

Here are a few tips to address the issue:

  • Approach authorities to maintain the park in your locality, it easier said than done but its worth the effort
  • Adopt a park and ask all residents to contribute for maintaining it
  • Lodge a complaint if you find anyone encroaching a park or playground. Do not allow cars to be parked there
  • Get membership for any sports complex or club close to your place and take your children for sport of their interest regularly
  • Get your child enrolled in a school with a proper playground

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