Superb tips to remove stain

Before you panic or get all worked up about a stubborn stain, read through. Here are some superb tips to remove stains from different types of surface & clothes:


Mix baking Soda, dish soap with water and spread it in the dirty areas of oven, cook top and get rid of most stubborn stains.


Clothe Iron Surface

Mix vinegar or baking soda with a little detergent and scrub it clean.


Washing Machine

To remove lime-scale from your washing machine just put some vinegar & bleach and set your machine on hottest wash cycle, it will clean itself.


Wash basin

To clean wash basin sprinkle some baking soda over the wet surface and use a clean sponge dampened with hydrogen peroxide, wipe the sink gently. All the stains and scratch marks will vanish.


Rust stains

Rust stains troubling you, cut a lemon in half, dip it into table salt, and rub in & around the rusty area. The stains will vanish in a jiffy.



Dampen the paper towels in vinegar and wrap them all around the faucet for 30-35 minutes to get rid of spots and get it all clean & shiny.


Emergency spot cleaner

Poured some wine over your dress. Club soda is your emergency spot cleaner and stain remover. Apply it with a clean, damp cloth and see the magic.


Grass stains

Grass stains on clothes can be removed with an old toothbrush and plain white toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste with gel.


Blood stains

To remove blood stains from your clothes soak the part in hydrogen peroxide and wash them after that.


Oily pillow cases

Pillow cases getting oily, wash it with shampoo just like your hair oil will get removed.

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