How to stop seepage and leaking roofs

With rainy season here, many houses face problems related to leaking roofs & seepage. Rain water gets accumulated on the terrace and starts seeping in leading to roof leaks. If nothing is done on time roof can even crumble. Get a roofer’s advice and get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent any real damage involving larger expenditure. However here are a few handy tips:


  • Ensure your rain water pipe is not clogged, most common thing which is overlooked. When rain water pipe is clogged or semi-clogged, water starts stagnating on the roof surface. There might be cracks on the roof surface invisible to naked eye and stagnated water leads to seepage and then leak.


  • Make sure the gutter where rain water pipe drains into is clean & unclogged to ensure rain water easily drains into it.


  • There are protective coatings like polyurethane paints available in the market that stop water seepage. With high strength and water resistant properties they can prevent seepage till the time leakage is fixed permanently.


  • You can cover the affected area with plastic sheet or a tarp on pitched roofs. Make sure the tarp is extended over the periphery or edges of roofs. On flat roofs however you will need to sweep the water time to time because water gets under the tarp. Be careful while walking on the damp roof, as they might be slippery. This is a temporary solution get permanent fix from your repair contractor as soon as you can.

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