Steps to install grid connected solar PV system

In the previous article we talked about off-grid & grid connected Solar PV systems. After taking into consideration the frequency power cuts in your locality you decide which solution (grid connected or off grid) suits you the best.

Suppose you have regular electricity supply and you are going ahead with grid connected solar PV system here are a few important steps on what needs to be done:

  • Find out what is your sanctioned load; it is mentioned in your electricity bill. Every state has a different policy, depending on your state’s policy you can get a system installed up to 100-150% of the load sanctioned to you.
  • About 90-100 sq ft shadow free area is needed to generate 1 KW of electricity, ensure that no tall buildings or tree casts shadow on the area where the panels are to be installed.
  • Choose the right agency to install the solar PV system, here is the link for agencies listed with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) . You can also apply for subsidy by contacting State Nodal Agency set up by MNRE.
  • The roof where you plan to install the solar panel needs to be strong enough to hold the panels even though the solar panels are usually light weight.
  • Next thing you need is inverters with high efficiency to convert DC power produced by PV panels to AC. Latest inverters also come with in-built software feature which can monitor the electricity generated by solar panels.
  • Other things needed are array Junction Boxes, AC & DC distribution boxes (both are needed for protection where there is no earthing) and DC Cables.
  • There is not much maintenance required for grid connected system since batteries are not involved. Only the panels need to be cleaned regularly so that the dust does not settle on the panels.
  • You also need approval from your electricity supply connected for grid connected solar PV system.  As they will be purchasing the surplus power generated by your PV system. They carry out an assessment before you install the system and then an agreement needs to be signed known as the “Power Purchase Agreement” or PPA. PPA will have all the terms and conditions regarding the purchase of electricity as fixed by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Stay tuned for more on solar energy.

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