Safe & Secure Locality

We hear of crimes in some or the locality in our city almost every day. If the locality of crime happens to be in the neighborhood, it is bound to give us jitters. Some localities may face less crime compared to others but no neighborhood is completely safe.

But here are few simple ways to keep your locality crime-free:

Know your neighbor: Make an effort to know who stays next door and connect with them. Organize meetings where you can share your concerns and exchange tips on how to keep your locality safe.

Involve the local police: Get the police officials to visit your locality to keep you up to date on crimes in your area and get them to advice the residents on crime prevention tips. Make sure constable visits your area regularly for senior citizen head count. Request for patrolling in case there is a crime in your locality.

Proper street lights: Make sure your locality is properly lit during evenings & at night. Dark spots & stretches are where most crimes happen.

Deploy guards: Deploy guards to keep a watch on any unwanted or suspicious movement in your locality.

Install CCTV cameras: Install CCTV cameras in your locality for surveillance. It is a big deterrent in curbing burglaries, eve-teasing or snatching.

I am sure all of us want to do whatever necessary to keep our locality safe. So let us get together to identify and resolve problems before they get serious and keep our locality safe & happy. Stay connected through inLocality app.

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