Parking woes of urban India

Daily over 1200 vehicles are being added to city roads to the already existing stock. Shortage of parking space has become a issue in every locality. Pedestrian pathways, parks, sideways are often encroached upon by parked vehicles adding to the chaos. It is difficult to find space to even walk through lanes and markets, especially for the elderly & disabled. Fights, murder, assault over parking issues are commonplace. All of us have faced parking issues some or the other time and parking woes are worst in residential localities. Here are a few suggestions which can come handy in solving parking issues in your locality:

  • Mark slots for parking cars and make sure the cars are parked in an orderly manner. Let the residents know parking properly is in their own interest as haphazardly parked cars end up wasting lot of precious parking space
  • If you are constructing a new house or renovating it completely , make sure you build stilt parking in new buildings.
  • Perhaps significant parking charges can be levied on people with more than one car. It would act as deterrent for people wanting to buy and mange parking for more cars.
  • Spread awareness among residents about benefits of using public transport:
    • It will definitely reduce congestion on the road
    • You are also benefiting the environment
    • You walk your way to health
    • With metro in picture you might also end up saving time with no traffic to beat.
    • Of course it saves you the hassle of driving.

Happy parking!

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