Off grid solar PV system

There is no supply or irregular supply of electricity in the area where you stay, and you have decided to go ahead with Off grid solar PV system. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Things needed for Off-grid system apart from solar panels:
    • Charge controller: The charge controller protects the battery from being overcharged and also discharged.
    • Battery: To store and utilize the energy for the time sun’s down (nights & evenings) and also during cloudy days.
    • DC disconnect: It is used to switch off the current flowing in between battery and the inverter. It is basically for maintenance and safeguard against fire.
    • Inverter: It converts the DC energy flowing from the battery into AC.
  • Calculate the load you need for your house. How many appliances, lights, fans will run on the solar energy for how many hours based on that calculate the load. There are off grid load calculators available online to give you a fair idea about the electricity load needed by you.
  • Being completely off-grid means you have to be energy-sufficient and you are not drawing electricity from the grid (any electricity supplier). In this case some people prefer to keep a generator as a back-up.
  • You can also opt for hybrid system where electricity is drawn both from the grid and Solar PV system. This means on days when it is cloudy or there is no sun so not enough solar power will be produced; hence you can automatically switch back to the main grid. The power can be drawn from the grid and even the batteries can be charged using power from the grid.

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