Laws to be aware of as a woman

As a woman, one needs to aware of these very important laws:

  1. Eve teasing: For Eve teasing complaints are registered under Section 294 & section 509 IPC.. Eve-teasing is sexually harassing a woman verbally by passing lewd comments, or by making offensive gestures, staring, whistling or winking in public places.
  2. Live in relationship: Women in live-in-relationships are also protected by domestic violence act.
  3. During arrest: A woman can only be escorted by a policewoman to the police station. A woman can also refuse to go to the police station between 6pm to 6am. Woman can only be searched by woman officer.
  4. Streedhan: As a woman gifts received by at the time of wedding whether by your parents, relatives or your in-laws solely belong to you as streedhan.
  5. Special Marriage Act: If as a Hindu or Christian girl you plan to marry a Muslim boy marry under Special Marriage Act to keep your rights intact. As under Muslim law Muslim men can legally have 4 wives and divorce by triple talaq pronouncement. Also women cannot claim any maintenance from them.
  6. Inheritance of property for women: Women have equal rights to inherit ancestral property under 2005 amendment to the Hindu succession act.
  7. Dowry Act: Dowry is cognizable offence under the section 498A of IPC and arrests can be made irrespective of gender(Husband or relatives of husband) on the basis of police complaint for cruelty. Cruelty apart physical abuse also includes mental & verbal abuse. his law takes particular cognizance of harassment, where it occurs with a view to coercing the wife, or any person related to her, to meet any unlawful demand regarding any property or valuable security, or occurs on account of failure by her, or any person related to her, to meet such a demand. A person caught taking dowry can be imprisoned up to 5 years minimum and fined up to the amount of dowry.
  8. The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986: This act prohibits any individual or organisation from publishing, posting or exhibiting or advertising representation of women which is considered indecent online or offline.

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