Solar energy for home

Reeling under long power cuts or soaring electricity bills troubling you, have you thought of going Solar. Though there is much buzz around it, most of us feel it’s a daunting task and not accessible

However, this clean & renewable energy is financially viable & accessible to most citizens and you can power your home with solar energy now. Let s go through this article and get some insight to make your solar journey easy:

For generating a kilowatt of electricity which is equivalent to 1400 units of power:

  • you need at least 120 sq ft of roof space free of shadow.
  • The cost is basically between Rs. 60-90,000 per KWP for grid connected solar PV(photo-voltic) system and 1-1.25 lakh for off grid connected Solar PV.

For bigger houses one needs to install more PV panels as the electricity consumption will be more and subsequently the cost also goes up. There are two types of PV Solar solutions – Grid Connected PV Solar system & Off Grid PV solar system and which solution will work best for you depends on one important factor- “frequency of power cuts”.

What is a Grid connected Solar PV system?

In places where there are less frequent power cuts you should go for Grid Connected Solar PV system.

In a Grid connected PV solar system all the electricity is produced when the sun shines during the day will be used in the house through the inverter and any surplus electricity produced will be sent to the grid (from where your electricity is supplied) and get distributed by the electricity distribution company. The person who has got the solar PV system installed gets rebate from whatever electricity is being used at night time. This system is cheaper since it does not involve any batteries for storage and less maintenance is needed as well.


What is an Off Grid Solar PV system?

In places with frequent power cuts off -grid solar system is best suited  because in case of power cuts surplus electricity produced cannot be sent back to the grid since you are disconnected from the grid. Hence the electricity produced is lost or wasted. In the off  grid system, the PV panels charge the battery during the day when sun shines. The battery  is connected to charge controller which prevents overcharging & discharge of batteries. Electricity stored in the battery can then be used in homes. Off grid PV system is independent of the grid and has no connection to your electricity supply.

Important tip: If you are using an inverter in your house, same can be used for Solar Panels. The inverter converts DC current from the battery into AC current that is used various household appliances.

Watch this space for more on Solar energy.

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