All about filling an FIR (Part-1)

Several people in need of reporting a crime etc end up facing the dilemma about how to file an FIR. So here is a lowdown on ” How to file an FIR” and its various aspects.


What is a FIR?

First Information Report(FIR) is a report prepared by a police officer in continuance to the information received for committing a cognizable offence. It must also be filed for lost documents, mobiles, cars, etc.

What is a Cognizable offence?

These are serious crimes and can carry fine up to 3 years or more and suspects can be arrested immediately without any warrant. Cognizable offence include theft, murder,  physical assault, kidnapping, rape, etc.

Who can file an FIR?

Victim of the crime, witness of the crime or anyone with information of the crime.

Where can it be filed?

For practical reasons nearest police station in proximity to the place where the crime has been committed. However no police station can refuse to file an FIR

Remember FIR needs to be filed at the earliest and any delay in reporting needs to be justified. You also must be provided a copy of the FIR for free from the police station. Also a false FIR is a punishable offence.

Details needed for filing?

Date, time and nature of the offence need to be provided along with your details.

What in case a police refuses to file an FIR?

In this case matter should be reported to higher ranking official like Superintendent of Police, DIG or Judicial Magistrate.

Similarly Complaints can also be filed with magistrate for non-cognizable offence such as bribe, cheating, shop-lifting etc. Complaints don’t include a police report and a warrant is needed to  arrest the suspect.

How to file an FIR online coming up on the next post..

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