Essentials for Happy community living in a Locality

We all are different individuals with our own set of traits, values and outlook and a equally different background which has shaped us as individuals. And we are also social-beings and need people around us to thrive and feel secure. So since generations we have come together to form a community or a neighbourhood where we all need to co-exist in harmony.

  • Be Aware: Be aware and alert of the latest happenings in your locality
  • Join hands with your RWA ( Residents Welfare Association): Remember it was formed keeping your interest in mind so be a active participant
  • Reach out to your Neighbours: Get-together with your neighbours to celebrate or for solving an issue
  • Have friends in your locality: Having friends in your locality certainly makes your life easy. Be there for them when they need you
  • Avoid conflicts: If someone tries to get under your skin, learn to ignore. Getting into fights & arguments solves nothing rather amplifies the issue
  • Go clean & green: Keep your surroundings clean and also maintain greenery around
  • Contribution counts: Never shy away from contributing your share of money in the interest of the community. Remember it will ultimately benefit you

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