How to curb stray dog menace in your locality?

All of us have been a witness to stray dog fights, aggressive barking and howling in our locality at some point or the other but we tend to ignore and move on without making a big fuss about it. However the same becomes a nuisance if it continues for a longer period of time or if a particular dog becomes aggressive then there can be chances of dog bites as well.

So what’s the solution of this problem?

The answer lies not in antagonizing them but having a humane & scientific approach to the problem. So here is a roundup of five things you can do to curb it at a local level and it’s all easily doable:

  1. Sterilize & Vaccinate: Implement the animal birth control programme for stray dogs via the Animal Birth Control (dogs) Rules 2001 by catching the stray dogs and neutering & spaying them. The sterilized dogs are to be de-wormed, vaccinated against rabies, and released back in the same locality. You can easily get in touch with local municipal body for the same. Alternatively you can contact Animal welfare NGO’s in your area. They usually work closely with local governing bodies for this task.

  2. Feed, foster & Adopt: Sterilization and vaccine only help in controlling the dog’s sexual & maternal aggression and rabies but they are still territorial, want food and are fearful. Please feed them once or twice a day in your locality so that they are not aggressive because of food. Look after them if they are not well. Try and get them adopted, they make wonderful pets.

  3. Spread Awareness: Sensitize the residents and children and create awareness in your locality to treat these animals with care and not throw stones or sticks at them. So that they have no reason to become aggressive.

  4. Efficient Garbage disposal: Incidents would be highly preventable if we had an efficient system of garbage disposal. Dogs, rodents, cats, pigs, cattle and even wild animals get attracted to heaps of garbage lying around.

  5. Do not abandon your pet: Pets are abandoned which leads to increase in the number of strays also because they aren’t sterilized. Do not abandon nor let your neighbors abandon their pets.

    All of us should do our bit to make our locality a better place for everyone around- including the animals as Charles Darwin once famously quoted “The love for all living creatures is the noble attribute of man

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