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In previous posts we have discussed how to file an FIR online. Well you have filed an FIR, here is what next:

Once the FIR is registered, the police have to investigate the case. Investigation would include  collecting evidence, questioning witnesses,  inspecting the crime scene, forensic testing, recording statements and so on.  On the basis of investigation a final report is filed. If there is not enough evidence available the case is closed by the police, however this has to be communicated to the complainant. If there is enough evidence, the final charge sheet is submitted before the Court and the trial begins.

Apart from following up in police station, if you want to know the status of the FIR, it can be done through Right to Information application. It helps you find:

  • About the details of investigation carried out by the police
  • Also helps in knowing whether the police are on the right track with the investigation
  • Makes them liable for any delay in the investigation

To file an RTI Application following details of your FIR needed are:

  • FIR number,
  • Date,
  • Name of the police station and
  • The district under which it falls.

Remember to have all documents including all communications in written and they should be all preserved.


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