Clean & green locality

We all want to stay in a swanky clean neighborhood with green surroundings, but often we can’t even manage the garbage we create.

We generally overlook the fact that cleaner & nicer locality starts with us and our efforts and we need to respect our surroundings. Here are few steps to a clean neighborhood:

Go green: Plant trees in your neighbourhood for greener surroundings. Also have plants around your house like shrubs, seasonal flowering plants small bushes. Plants not only give out oxygen but also purify the air and make it more breathable. Also make sure they are pruned regularly.

Refrain from using plastics & polythene: Do not use plastics or polythene as they are a hazard to our environment. Moreover if they are just unceremoniously dumped anywhere they can often choke the drains & pipes leading to water logging.

Segregate and Recycle waste: Segregate your waste. Separate the bio-degradable waste (Kitchen waste like vegetable peels, fruits, etc) from the ones which can be recycled(paper, plastic, tetra packs, etc.).

Pick up after your pets: It is a foreign concept in India to clean up after a pet poops. The sidewalks & parks have dog poop all round and we all grumble, complain and silently curse the dog owners if we accidentally step on the poop.  Carry a newspaper, pick up the poop and drop in the nearest bin. Do not leave the cleaning for someone else.

Do not litter: Do not throw trash in the parks, streets or roads. Create awareness about it in your neighborhood & involve children as well.

Talk to your neighbours about clean-up efforts: Get your neighbours involved in the clean-up effort. Make sure entire colony is swept at least once a week.

Maintain your neighbourhood park: Make sure your neighbourhood park is clean & green where plants are pruned, watered & grass mowed regularly.

Involve your local corporation: Able administration is a must to make the workers/sweepers perform efficiently. See that you report if the sweeper in your colony is not working regularly or properly.

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