Is the back lane of your society clean?

Stench from the overflowing sewage, heaps of filth if the lane’s been dug up, rotting piles of dry leaves topped with sea of litter & dog shit on the ground is a common sight in the back lanes of city localities.

You might also come across men urinating there adding to the stench. Why can’t we keep our locality from being filthy?? Some reasons could be:

People are ignorant: Despite being banned plastics & polythene which are harmful to our environment, it is used indiscriminately by us. There is no segregation of wastes where plastics can be sent for recycling. Also people don’t like to clean up after their pets, so there is dog shit all around.

Improper garbage disposal: While we all like to clean our houses but don’t pause to think before dumping the garbage to nearest convenient place be it a street, back lane or a park.  We lack civic sense so if you see landscapes of garbage near your place don’t be surprised.

Littering: No public place is free of littering. We seem to completely lack manners as well, wrappers, empty packets, bottles, eatables are just callously thrown on the street. It is a common sight to find men urinating against walls or spitting paan or tobacco on the streets and nooks & corners of a public building.

 Municipal cleaners are reluctant to work: They work in private houses to make quick money but will not sweep the colony unless someone complains or there is an inspection.

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