5 practical tips to manage part-time house helps

You have to be lucky to have a good house help- it’s topic of stress for many, elation for a few. Gone are the days of loyal & affectionate house-helps that were essential part of a household, sweet & servile Ramu kaka from the movies no longer exist. Days of feudalism are over and with changing demographics calling them servants doesn’t seem right, instead house-help seems more appropriate. With growing cost of living & nuclear families full-time house helps have become luxury not many can afford. Hence, we have part-time helps who work for a couple of hours and charge you comparatively less money.

We often see part-time house-helps take on more jobs than they are capable of delivering and often overwork themselves. This often leads to conflict between the employer & help, as they start cutting corners with work. Here are five practical tips to manage your house-help better:

  1. Pay them fairly according to the current rates. Women of the society should get together to decide on a standardized pay for helps depending on the work. This will ensure there is no hassle of price haggling on your part as well as protect the interest of the house-help. Give them bonuses time to time to appreciate their work, however never overindulge them or let them take the bonus for granted.


  1. Have a procedure for house-work and make sure it is followed. If you have a lax attitude, be ready to be taken for ride. While incentive works, discipline is also a must.


  1. Treat them with love & respect, be nice & pleasant always. Your behaviour goes a long way in securing their loyalty. Make sure working conditions are fine and let them rest or give a day off if they are not well or have personal work.


  1. Be firm yet polite when you do not find the work done by them up to the mark yet avoid yelling or screaming. Professionalism is something you can’t expect, despite the money you might be paying but remember to inculcate whatever little professionalism you can in your current house-help. This will not only benefit you but also the house-help also in the long run.


  1. Most important thing to get done is police verification of the house-help. Though most of us ignore and shy away from getting it done, it is for our own safety and security. Also take a photograph of your help along with a photocopy of their address proof for your own record. If your residents’ welfare association keeps a record of the helps & drivers in your society, make sure the details are registered with them as well.

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