10 types of neighbors you will find in every Locality

We come across all sorts of neighbors, some are easier to live around, some barely tolerable, some can be super annoying, some super friendly and some super mysterious. Let us look at a few you might have encountered:

  1. Peeking Tompeeking-tom_inLocality

Sitting by the window or the balcony to spot the comings and the goings.. More interested in what ‘s going on with other people around?? All they need is a pair of binoculars… AND You just can’t slip past them without these questions:  “Kidhar ja rahey ho”,  Abhi ja rahey Ho “, ”Kyun ja rahey ho”, “Kaun aaya hai”…





2. The Braggartshow off types _inLocality

They seem to have born been with bragging rights. They would certainly be happier with a louder speaker.

“I pay my maid double the amount but she still doesn’t work(Obviously why will she when she is being paid for free)!!” , “O do you know my daughter has 10 watches all branded ones(I own 20 branded watches and I don’t wear them all together)”!!… and the list goes on..




3. The Grumpy Pricktensed types _inLocality

All they need is a slight bit of provocation to blow apart and start an argument. They seem to have an invisible danda (stick) and love to use it on anyone who displeases them.

“A drop of water fell where I sit, stop watering your plants right away(Well I wish a few drops fell on your head so that it could cool you down)”,  “You are not supposed to party I am calling the cops (Sure Uncle I can, it’s my house and call them all u like)”..



4.The abusive or the rude onegrumpy face _inLocality

Such a neighbor will get all abusive  on you if you confront them with their mistake or be rude to you for something you’ve done which might not seem right to them. They have a filthy tongue and will not hesitate to badmouth or get physical with anyone.

“That’s my parking space, how dare you park your car here?? You f**k**g A**h**e.. (OK. Get your name engraved there at least we get the satisfaction of stomping our feet on it)!!”



5. The Noisy Neighborsnoisy _inLocality

Ear-splitting music, frequent loud parties with people shouting their lungs out. Most of us have a occasional party but these are the people who make nuisance out of a party and the noise is sure to wake you up at night.

“You guys have gotten too old for a fun party..(Yes sure, let the cops decide that and we’ll see who needs to grow old)!!”




6. The perpetually Needy ones


They seem to be in need of something or the other always, with a bowl in their hands that is how you can always picture them. They borrow with a promise to return and the promise is forgotten as soon as they exit your door.

“Our umbrella is broken, need yours till we buy a new one(Who the hell will buy a new one when neighbors umbrella comes for free)”.. I need Some milk, Some sugar, 10 bucks, and list goes on….




7. The Gossip-mongergossip monger _inLocality

Want to know what’s going on in your locality call them and they are sure to fill you up with latest happenings with added spice and little regard to the truth … Spice is something they love..

You will find them chatting up maids, guards and you too (Remember when she is chatting you up, she is basically angling for a juicy piece of gossip about you)…




8.The Sly Stealersteal_inLocality

Things go missing without a clue and it leaves you fuming.. You promise yourself you are going to get a CCTV camera installed as soon as you have the money. They have stealth of a cat.

Your milk packs go missing even though you heard the delivery man but before you can go & get it .. it just vanishes into thin air..Puff…. Flowers which you thought of putting in the vase get plucked before you get a chance to pluck yourself.



9.The Shady onesshady _inLocality

You don’t really know who stays in the house down the lane, all you seem to notice is weird people coming & going at all hours..

Goings on could be anything from prostitution to drug-dealing to black-magic. But you just thrive on speculation and never really get to know what’s the deal…





10. The Ideal Neighborideal _inLocality

We all want them next door. They look out for you when you are not around as well as keep to themselves where their interference is not needed.

Just a door away in case of an emergency, Keep the surroundings clean, Participates & contributes without a frown in common areas of interest.





So…what sort of a neighbour are you?

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